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Re: [MiNT] appl_getinfo(APGI_VERSION(=96)) implementation


 I do not understand this. The most uncomplicated way to add the strings
to appl_getinfo() is to just use addrin array in addition to the
standard parameters. This goes not only for appl_getinfo(), but for any
call that we expand. This is the whole purpose of the AESPB, no?


Please consider the application point of view, which use gemlib. In most cases, application doesn't play with AESPB stuff itself...

So, if an application want to call the AES opcode 130, then the application uses the following gemlib function :

appl_getinfo(short type, short *out1, short *out2, short *out3, short *out4);

We agree on expanding the AES opcode 130 to return strings in addrin too. Now, we have to create a new function in gemlib so that applications could use this new AES opcode 130 feature.

What i suggest is a general purpose function

appl_getinfo_str(short type, char *out1, char *out2, char *out3, char *out4);

this may be used for other modes than APGI_VERSION, if in the futur we need a new mode that return strings.

If we want the application to get all the informations in one AES call, then we have to create something like the following function in gemlib:

appl_getinfo_wwwwssss(short type, short *out1, short *out2, short *out3, short *out4, char *str1, char *str2, char* str3, char *str4);

And i prefer to add appl_getinfo_str() rather than appl_getinfo_wwwwssss(). That doesn't change anything on the AES side : in all cases, AES shall be ready to return values in intout only, in addrin only, or in both intout and addrin.

BTW, for the particular APGI_VERSION mode, i think that application will get either the strings (to be displayed), or the short (in order to internally build strings based on these short values). I don't think that an application may need both short and string values.

best regards,