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[MiNT] Device drivers (was Re: strange memory violation)

Le Sun, 06 Nov 2005 12:09:31 +0000
Odd Skancke <ozk@atari.org> a écrit:

>  The optimal solution would be to write a device driver (XDD) to play
> the modules. Then you have much larger control, the player would be
> available to any application via /dev/mod, for example, into which you
> can write the modfile you want to play .. and it plays. If you want
> your player to work on non-MiNT machines, you would need to write two
> version of your app. The MiNT version would consist of a 'modplay.xdd'
> and your player application, whereas the other version will be
> 'normal'. Perhaps Konrad has a few more hints on this .. Konrad?

Hmm, do you forget that device drivers must be used only for that:
accessing the hardware. Plus a module player does not need to be in
kernel space. A module player just fill a buffer, then send it to the
audio device. There is a /dev/audio driver for MiNT, but I don't know
any application that use it, so maybe it does not work, and I don't know
what its limits are.

I should try to implement /dev/audio usage for SDL then. And speaking
for myself, there is still one dirty thing in GEM SDL driver:
redirecting some vectors in kbdvbase() to read ikbd relative mouse
motion and ikbd joystick. Why is there no /dev/js for joysticks and
joypads? It should not be hard to do.

Patrice Mandin
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