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Re: [MiNT] strange memory violation

And I second this more than I can express! This kind of programming is
just plain unacceptable! Please read up on how to write clean programs!
Sorry to say, I'm extremely not, _not_, _NOT!_ interested in seeing such
software on MiNT.

This is maybe true but let advice me - how to measure some EXACT number in the other way than use of some free timer interrupt? And what about players for MODs etc? It's easy to say "you're doing bad things" but what about some solution? It's impossible to not use some divide interrupts for such kind of software... So how about it? Is there some clean way how to hook on vbl/timer or we can expect all software using this as memory protection incompatible?

Don't get me wrong, my target isn't to upset some OS developers but I'm looking for some solution.


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