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[MiNT] Fwd: Re: FreeMiNT /dev for raw midi data?

>Hello all,
>I see that the current /dev/midi is treated as a serial interface for the
>standard midi ports, is there another device for raw midi access to send
>data to a midi device?  From a few google searches, I came across a
>midx.xdd what is suppose to be a raw midi device, installed as /dev/midx,
>but it dies under the recent kernels in the 1.16x series.
>More or less was looking for something similar to /dev/sequencer under
>Linux, I think.

Hi Keith,

The reason for your question now makes sense. The SCUMM-VM works
great apart from the sound problems which you know about.

The lack of scaler isn't a problem as it is quite easy to change to
a lower res (640x400) which makes the text easier to read.

I've tried Monkey Island 1 & 2 (briefly) and Day of the Tentacle
again briefly. Both look great.

It has inspired me to try to compile some stuff myself. I randomly
picked something from the Mint Todo list. I wanted an app rather than
a util so I picked Gnuplot. How up-to-date is that Todo list ?

Configure seems to work apart from some missing items. I've never got
this far before. I tried make install and that fails but I am not 100%
sure what the errors mean.

It would be really nice if someonelse could have a go with gnuplot
and give me a few pointers. It doesn't have to be gnuplot, anything
would do.