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Re: [MiNT] Fwd: Re: FreeMiNT /dev for raw midi data?

Hi Peter,

What version of GnuPlot are you trying to build? I'll try to take a look at it if you can share the version, see if I can offer any tips.

Right now, I am trying to write a native TOS midi 'driver' (or maybe it is a method) for ScummVM (for the time being, replacing the Linux one) but I keep getting hung up in places. Its mostly trial and error, and I think my problem right now is the data that ScummVM is sending for a midi packet, I am not depacking it correctly for a handoff to the port. What I 'hope' is that this will eliminate the AdLib emulation (which is murder for running the games) and maybe allow music under TOS, but will still not allow the Talkie games to run without MiNT since the digital audio goes to /dev/audio, I think, with SDL, which uses threads. Lacking C++ experience hurts, but jumping into something is the best way to learn. My other problem is just finding some good midi programming examples on the ST..... Lots of ASM, but little C code, my best example I have is MidiPlay from 1991 or so.....


On Thu, 30 Mar 2006, Peter Slegg wrote:

Hello all,

I see that the current /dev/midi is treated as a serial interface for the
standard midi ports, is there another device for raw midi access to send
data to a midi device?  From a few google searches, I came across a
midx.xdd what is suppose to be a raw midi device, installed as /dev/midx,
but it dies under the recent kernels in the 1.16x series.

More or less was looking for something similar to /dev/sequencer under
Linux, I think.



Hi Keith,

The reason for your question now makes sense. The SCUMM-VM works
great apart from the sound problems which you know about.

The lack of scaler isn't a problem as it is quite easy to change to
a lower res (640x400) which makes the text easier to read.

I've tried Monkey Island 1 & 2 (briefly) and Day of the Tentacle
again briefly. Both look great.

It has inspired me to try to compile some stuff myself. I randomly
picked something from the Mint Todo list. I wanted an app rather than
a util so I picked Gnuplot. How up-to-date is that Todo list ?

Configure seems to work apart from some missing items. I've never got
this far before. I tried make install and that fails but I am not 100%
sure what the errors mean.

It would be really nice if someonelse could have a go with gnuplot
and give me a few pointers. It doesn't have to be gnuplot, anything
would do.