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Re: [MiNT] Fwd: Re: FreeMiNT /dev for raw midi data?


On Friday 31 March 2006 01:02, Keith Scroggins wrote:
> > It has inspired me to try to compile some stuff myself. I randomly
> > picked something from the Mint Todo list. I wanted an app rather than
> > a util so I picked Gnuplot. How up-to-date is that Todo list ?
> >
> > Configure seems to work apart from some missing items. I've never got
> > this far before. I tried make install and that fails but I am not 100%
> > sure what the errors mean.
> What version of GnuPlot are you trying to build?  I'll try to take a look
> at it if you can share the version, see if I can offer any tips.

Yes, the failing part listed in the config.log would be nice...

> Right now, I am trying to write a native TOS midi 'driver' (or maybe it
> is a method) for ScummVM (for the time being, replacing the Linux one)
> but I keep getting hung up in places.  Its mostly trial and error, and I
> think my problem right now is the data that ScummVM is sending for a midi
> packet, I am not depacking it correctly for a handoff to the port.  What
> I 'hope' is that this will eliminate the AdLib emulation (which is murder
> for running the games) and maybe allow music under TOS, but will still
> not allow the Talkie games to run without MiNT since the digital audio
> goes to /dev/audio, I think, with SDL, which uses threads.

I don't think the "talks" are so much of a problem because the games
should support subtitles i.e. you could just set:

If the music would go to a real midi device, there would still be the sound
effects to worry about, but maybe they wouldn't be so much of a problem
performance-wise as music + talk?

	- Eero