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Re: [MiNT] GEMlib 0.43.6 for lattice c


On Wednesday 14 June 2006 22:25, Arnaud BERCEGEAY wrote:
> Roger Burrows has ported gemlib for lattice c. The package is now
> available on the gemlib web site.
> http://arnaud.bercegeay.free.fr/gemlib/
> The package contains the library, and all the necessary stuff to rebuilt
> the library. A readme file in the archive gives all the details.

I was trying to use SozobonX version of the GEMlib with SozobonX. 

However, hcc is complaining about the first "typedef struct" in the mt_gem.h
header.  It says "syntax (try skipping)" which I assume to mean that it
skipped rest of the include file completely.

So, I was wondering which version of the SozobonX C-compiler you're using to
produce the SozobonX version of GEMlib and where you got it?

Btw. The reason why I'm using SozobonX is that I wanted to make Ballerburg
source code[1] ANSI-C and translate it.  I got that already done and working
with a compiler which char was of different signedness and int 16-bit (the
code was doing calculations with chars and using ints as pointers), but I
would like to get it working also with a free compiler. I don't have at the
moment a MiNT/gcc set up, so I'm trying to do this using SozobonX under
Gulam in Hatari emulator...

[1] http://www.eckhardkruse.net/en/atari_st/baller.html

Note that if I use the Linux cpp to pre-process the code (and strip away the
lines starting with '#'), then 'hcc' compiles the code this fine.  So, the
problem seems to be in the hcc pre-processing part.

	- Eero