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Re: [MiNT] Sys_Mon .hyp file

On 1 Jul 2006 at 15:56, Jim DeClercq wrote:

> I have been told that the sys_mon program may be useful to 
> display the results of other monitor programs. It was 
> written by Karston Isavovic.

SYSMON is a great tool for low-level exploration of TOS systems.  You can trace 
AES calls, VDI calls, GEMDOS calls, etc etc with lots of filtering.  It hooks 
into all sorts of places it shouldn't and is *highly* system-dependent, needing 
to figure out exactly which version of TOS (e.g. 3.05 German) in order to work. 

I would expect that activating it under MiNT would cause a very rapid system 
crash; in the unlikely event that it didn't, I'm certain the output would not 
be reliable.

If you wish to run it under a recognised version of TOS (pre-Falcon), however, 
you may find it useful.

Roger Burrows