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Re: [MiNT] SV: OT Highwire

On Fri, 21 Nov 2008 17:18:37 , Patrice Mandin <mandin.patrice@orange.fr> wrote:
> The fact is that recent applications need an OS that provides the
> necessary services. As for MiNT, for me it means at least:
> - virtual memory (so we can at least run huge applications)
> - thread support (don't know how much work is needed for it, seems Pexec
> () stuff is not enough, as used by tfork() in mintlib). According to
> manpage, tfork() is not a real thread, where everything is shared.
> - device drivers for hardware (so applications don't have to switch to
> Supervisor mode to make something).
> Any of these requires a huge/particular amount of work. I suppose this
> is why we still do not have it in MiNT kernel. And any browser (as
> application you would like to run) would requires at least either
> threads or virtual memory.

Does this make Highwire the most viable option in the short term
or are it's deficiencies too great ?

I'd like some better development tools.

I'd like to be able to compile easily from my editor and quickly
jump to errors. I think this has been done in the past and might
be possible with QED and gcc but how ?

Some debugging tools would be a great help.