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[MiNT] Debian MiNT (was: Re: Gentoo/FreeMiNT)

Hi All!

I see your point here, but debian mint was tried and wasn't adopted by many at all. Why?

Hard to say exactly. Perhaps just because SpareMiNT's prevalence in the German world (one of the biggest 16++ bit Atari use world) at the time Debian MiNT was attempted?

I was helping Stephen, Michael, etc by running debian 68k on my ct60 for a few months back before I moved when I was disinterested in atari work. They are great guys and I'm glad my machine could help them out. They even built a linux EtherNAT driver thanks to me providing the hardware to them. They're all quite dedicated.

Yes, and credits go to you there! I must admit I wasn't helpful in Linux-m68k so far. However, reusing the stuff they are working with appears to me as the only viable option with our limited counts of active people.

Just my 2 EUR cents again. ;)