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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Mark Duckworth wrote:
Well it's nice that you're willing to do the patches. Before Keith and I did the patches AND the packaging ;)

While patches and packaging are usually unrelated tasks, it can be done by different teams working together. It is better than working alone !

Maybe we should
fix this preprocessor bug in GCC 2.95.3 first (and repackage an RPM for it) before going further.

Or I can just build it with my installed gcc 3.3.3?

Personally, I don't care how the new packages are compiled, if it results in binary packages usable by anyone. The fastest way to produce binaries is cross-compilation. MiKRO produced its native GCC 4.3.2 like that. But it seems that a lot of people don't want t to use binaries if they have not been natively compiled on a FreeMiNT machine. Result: nothing is updated.

> I think zorro
actually built gcc independently too from Keith and I. Lots of people are duplicating this work, all because sparemint isn't getting updated rpm's.

We are too few for having fun by duplicating the work of the others. We have to progress step by step, by compiling new packages, and to make them available (sources + patches + scripts + binaries) to the others, on SpareMiNT or elsewhere.

> Alan's gentoo setup with binary
package setup and a nice distcc setup should be a welcome thing to try.

Sure ! I'm impatient to see his work.

I'm starting to use deeper and deeper features of GDB and I know the latest one has a pretty curses view.

New version has the gdbtui command. It is also available on older gdb versions with "gdb --tui", but only if it has been enabled at build time (the one provided with SpareMINT hasn't). I enabled it on the cross-gdb available on my website. I tried to compile it for the MiNT host, unfortunatly it is unusable due to graphical bugs inside TosWin :-(

BTW I saw you upgraded to curses 5.1. This is another thing I upgraded and packaged 5.3 some time ago. I did work you could have used but again it never got done :-/

Another sad example of unshared work, and waste of time. Never again.
Maybe your new curses would have fixed my gdb graphical issues ?

This reminds me of another problem. I can't seem to use gdb to debug windom in XaAES.

The causes can be multiple. But another problem of using obsolete software is again the lack of support from official developers: "Did you try with the latest CVS sources ?". And of course, the latest CVS sources don't compile because of outdated compiler, outdated libraries, missing dependencies, etc. Once again: we must keep up to date.

Ooh but can gcc generate ELF binaries without system support for them? I guess so, it would make sense.

Yes ! GCC can generate ELF *object* files (actually produced by the assembler) and the linker can take them as input, without system support for ELF. So let's do it !

Vincent Rivière