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Re: [MiNT] Weird problem on my Milan

On Mon, 11 May 2009 20:27:00 , "Jo Even Skarstein" <joska@online.no> wrote:
> Have anybody else tried running MiNT on a Milan with no floppy? When I
> try this the following things happens:
> 1. Mouse button release is not detected when I mark a block of text in
> PureC using the mouse. Pure C hangs forever in "block selection mode"
> and the Milan must be rebooted.
> 2. Teradesk hangs when opening folders on a ext2-partition.
> 3. Lots of problem with network connections.
> As soon as I connect a floppy drive all of these problems disappear...
> I'm running 1.17 from sometime last autumn. The PureC-problem occurs
> when running XaAES, the other problems also occurs with N.AES.
> Jo Even

My Milan always behaved oddly with the floppy unplugged even with
Mint 1.15

I cannot format floppies with 1.16 at all.

The network issues with 1.16 only went away when I change the MTU
on my router. I still think there a problems with the network
software in 1.16