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Re: [MiNT] XaAES 1.16.3 patch 2009-11-30

Paul Wratt píše v Po 30. 11. 2009 v 19:42 +1100:
> 2009/11/30 Petr Stehlik <pstehlik@sophics.cz>:
> > Paul Wratt píše v Po 30. 11. 2009 v 14:54 +1100:
> >> Paul
> >> mental note: dont supply diff with linux diff, use MiNT to generate diff
> >
> > even better: produce unified diff (diff -u) that can be read and applied
> > easily.
> >
> > Petr
> good, I saw that option, but don't yet understand it. will read up.

No reason to study it deeply, just supply the "-u" argument to diff and
the output will change. The unified diff is not only more human readable
but also can be applied automatically using the 'patch' program even to
files that have changed in the meantime. So the unified diff is much
more "portable" or time-persistent or how to call that :-)

> BTW, I have aleady applied Helmut's XaAES patch to both my CVS source
> (for 1.16.3 and 1.17)

I'd be glad if the ARAnyM/whatever XaAES color problems got sorted out.
I think both Patrice and Johan ARAnyM developers are reading this list
so they could reply if something is wrong in ARAnyM. Or just CC the
aranym list if you're unsure. Cross posting shouldn't matter as the
traffic is low there.