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Re: [MiNT] Bugtracker

Paul Wratt wrote:

> then this should not be a problem. But the other point about wiki is
> that you could not (simply) integrate current non wiki content, ie
> TosHyp

Let's not make this any more complicated than it needs to be. The wiki
is just a simple way to have a maintainable web-site with more or less
static stuff. You don't need to integrate "everything" into the wiki,
links to the current CVS-interface, bugtracker etc will work just fine
as these things are already working well.

Rob has already installed MediaWiki on his server, and in a few days I
will have some spare time and will create the basic structure of a wiki
which I think will be helpful for both users and developers. IMO a lot
can be done without too much effort. This is important to the FreeMiNT
project, as manpower is very limited and time should be spent on testing
and development. The CVS, bugtracker and mailing list is already there
and working. It's just a matter of tying it together.

Jo Even