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[MiNT] Patch for xaloader.prg

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 5:26 AM, Peter Persson <pep.fishmoose@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2 mar 2010, at 09.28, Miro Kropacek wrote:
>> I've written a loader which loads kernel binaries from /mint/ and allows
>> the kernel to process the remainder of the auto folder (some ugly DTA magic
>> was needed, but it's the same ugly magic that's already in the kernel init
>> code (init.c, get_my_name()).
> Why all this hassle? Shouldn't mint.prg be the last program to execute from
> AUTO? (the rest should be from mint.cnf or xaaes.cnf)
> I didn't want to change the behavior compared to putting the kernel in the
> autofolder. Personally I don't care about it, I could start Centscreen from
> the mint.cnf instead, but I thought other people might disagree :)
>> #define MINTDIR        "c:\\mint"
> There's better way -- env variable called SYSDIR (try echo $SYSDIR in shell
> :)
> That'll be tricky :) Because SYSDIR isn't available when the mintloader
> starts!

just remember that mint's default folder is the current version of the
kernel (after the check for c:/mint)

The ARAnyM setup I use has a live 1-16-cur & 1-17-cur. This may be
easier to detect on ARAnyM setups, because of the bootloader option in
the config (maybe)

anyway, it is worth noting, if this can be sorted or a way can be
fopund to make it practical, then getting other stuff to function in
the future, as Mikro outlined in Franks comments, would be just a
matter of extending the app

but I agree, get something up for us to play with first..

I would never use a (tradtional) boot loader for mint, unless I had a
machine that required it, and the outlined app should help avoid that

"I never claimed that this loader is a one-size-fits-all-solution, but
at least it does load the correct kernel automatically - which is
something some of us need"
- yep