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Re: [MiNT] Patch for xaloader.prg

On 2 mar 2010, at 09.28, Miro Kropacek wrote:

I've written a loader which loads kernel binaries from /mint/ and allows the kernel to process the remainder of the auto folder (some ugly DTA magic was needed, but it's the same ugly magic that's already in the kernel init code (init.c, get_my_name()).
Why all this hassle? Shouldn't mint.prg be the last program to execute from AUTO? (the rest should be from mint.cnf or xaaes.cnf)

I didn't want to change the behavior compared to putting the kernel in the autofolder. Personally I don't care about it, I could start Centscreen from the mint.cnf instead, but I thought other people might disagree :)

#define MINTDIR        "c:\\mint"
There's better way -- env variable called SYSDIR (try echo $SYSDIR in shell :)

That'll be tricky :) Because SYSDIR isn't available when the mintloader starts!