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Re: [MiNT] mp and shutdown

On Mon, 18 Oct 2010 17:32:11 -0700 (PDT), WongCK <wongck68@yahoo.com> wrote:
There again, I replied to the originator instead of to the list.
I'm afraid this must have happened a lot of times, due to the
originator's adress being the "from" one instead of the list. :-(
I hope Erik will have time to improve MyMail somewhat so it can
handle such things. :-/
------------------------ the rely I just made -------------------
> > >
> > Except that using this  method, I often get the result shown
> > on the photo in attachment the next time  I restart the system.
> >
> Then you ought to try CTRL-ALT-SHFT-DEL for a cold-reboot instead
> of a warm-reboot.
Er... I don't see where I did mention warm-reboot.
As I wrote in a previous post, whatever method I use :
1- Taskbar + Shutdown (not working with mp),
2- Task manager + reboot button, or
3- Ctrl-Alt-Del,
I always get a *cold* reboot. No way to get a warm reboot.
It's been like this since I installed 1.16, I don't know why.
To sum-up : from 1.16 up to current 1.17, no more way to get a
warm reboot, whatever the method I use and whatever the release,
either Trunk or Helmut's.
If I revert to 1.15.12, all work fine (it took me much time to
revert to 1.15.12, test and then reinstall 1.17, so I'd like not
to have to do it again... :-/unless absolutely necessary).
Would I happen to be the only one in this case ?