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Re: [MiNT] Xaaes 0.998/0.999 and CTCPI/Radeon

Hi again,

Sometimes the system freeze also when you call XAAES menu where there are system/log. Another strange result is when you open system/log, edit a file with everest for example, and click on the system/log window, when the system get this event mouse disappears, this window never go to the top but you can always move the cursor inside the text editor and quit the file.

with the keyboard.

I tried XAAESDEB.KM and now all works fine with TOS VDI, NVDI, or
fVDI/radeon.sys. Very strange, I not understand why the GENERATE_DIAG code added fix this problem.

Note that the VDI works fine with without fVDI / NVDI with MyAES, XAAES with kernel module, MagiC and TOS.

Oups, it's XAAES0.963 without kernel module.

Didier MEQUIGNON         Aniplayer download: http://aniplay.atari.org
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CTPCI: http://ctpci.atari.org