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Re: [MiNT] Xaaes 0.998/0.999 and CTCPI/Radeon

Am 03.10.2010, 15:13 Uhr, schrieb Didier MEQUIGNON <didiermequignon@free.fr>:


Sorry for my poor english.

No problem - we're so good at it we understand everything ;-)

This week I tried to search why MiNT1.16.3/Xaaes 0.998 (2006 release) AES "freeze" on the Radeon/CTPCI when you are inside the system/log window and you move the slider to the left. CTRL-ALT-DEL continue to works, and I see always periodic calls to vq_key_s.

As I see it this is called on every mouse-move for example (don't know what it does though)

When this problem arrives, there are a VDI call inside another call, and

I guess they are not inside one another but rather that two threads call VDI independently. If this is true it's a serious issue, that has to be fixed.

This function was always vq_key_s or vex_motv, now with the Xaaes CVS sources I think understand a little bit, because vex_movt is just called inside k_main.c. Maybe for some reason, k_exit is called.

Yes, during mouse-initialization and at exit.

This tests was with NVDI, I got white screen with fVDI/radeon.sys during

What is in the boot-log in the fvdi-case?

I tried XAAESDEB.KM and now all works fine with TOS VDI, NVDI, or
fVDI/radeon.sys. Very strange, I not understand why the GENERATE_DIAG code added fix this problem.

Maybe the debug-version has another timing due to the additional debug-code, and the case of two threads calling VDI simultaneously does not happen by chance.

Note that the VDI works fine with without fVDI / NVDI with MyAES, XAAES with kernel module, MagiC and TOS.

You mean the built-in VDI?

Helmut Karlowski