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[MiNT] Xaaes 0.998/0.999 and CTCPI/Radeon


Sorry for my poor english.

This week I tried to search why MiNT1.16.3/Xaaes 0.998 (2006 release) AES "freeze" on the Radeon/CTPCI when you are inside the system/log window and you move the slider to the left. CTRL-ALT-DEL continue to works, and I see always periodic calls to vq_key_s. When this problem arrives, there are a VDI call inside another call, and the VDI is not reentrant because (for get maximum compatibility) at the beginning of the handler, I use my own supervisor stack (the 2nd reason is the radeon fifo but I can add semaphore). I have put a semaphore for not use my supervisor stack when the 2nd call arrive when the first isn't finished but for the system/log window problem there are no changes. This function was always vq_key_s or vex_motv, now with the Xaaes CVS sources I think understand a little bit, because vex_movt is just called inside k_main.c. Maybe for some reason, k_exit is called.

Later I tried the trunk-26092010.tar.bz2, and it's was worse with XAAES000.KM or XAAAES060.KM just with a click on a '+' on this windows system/log,
This tests was with NVDI, I got white screen with fVDI/radeon.sys during start.
Sometimes the system freeze also when you call XAAES menu where there are system/log. Another strange result is when you open system/log, edit a file with everest for example, and click on the system/log window, when the system get this event mouse disappears, this window never go to the top but you can always move the cursor inside the text editor and quit the file.

I tried XAAESDEB.KM and now all works fine with TOS VDI, NVDI, or
fVDI/radeon.sys. Very strange, I not understand why the GENERATE_DIAG code added fix this problem.

Note that the VDI works fine with without fVDI / NVDI with MyAES, XAAES with kernel module, MagiC and TOS.



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