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Re: [MiNT] GRAFX2 2.2 atari port [beta]

Ok, thanks I will check it. I'm using SVN version, not release..


W dniu 2011-02-06 13:15, m0n0 pisze:

BTW anyone has run SDL with Milan and graphics card in fullscreen and
window? Is it working properly? Second thing I would like to ask are the
mouse events are properly handled when SDL is launched in gem window? I
ask, because it doesn't work for me.
P. Mandin provided this patch for SDL, but it isn`t within the newest
release ( 1.2.14 ), so you must patch manually :

Maybe it can also help you ?

I haven't tried it with TOS 4.04 though. Under HATARI (tos 4.04) and
real machines everything seems fine. The only problem that I currently
have is lack of support of 24/32 bit images (they hang application). Of
course there could be also other bugs too (GRAFX2 is still under
development and some features can work some time, sometimes can be
broken for a while). ATM I'm waiting to my changes being incorporated
into the main SVN trunk, after that making updates will be easy.

EmuTOS does not support resolution switching yet, so the display is
trashed. But I can see things changing when I move the mouse,
something is alive.

I didn't tried anything with EMU Tos. Resolution switching is needed,
because GRAFX2 requests 8 bit video mode.
Resolution switching is only needed when running with fullscreen. On
aranym/TrueColor it runs within window ( If I resize the window - the app
resizes all the buttons etc.) Fullscreen however isn't working.

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