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Re: [MiNT] force screen redraw in GEM/XAAES

4 aug 2011 kl. 10.19 skrev Adam Kłobukowski:

> W dniu 04.08.2011 09:48, Peter Persson pisze:
>> 4 aug 2011 kl. 09.33 skrev Helmut Karlowski:
>>> I think you're wrong.
>>> 1. How do you know the size of the menubar? Width and height are not
>>> constant.
>> You calculate it based on the work area of the AES screen, and subtract that from the physical dimensions of the VDI screen.
> Thats adds dependency on the fact that menu is on to of the screen. Please, do not do that.

Good point. I think SDL and Conholio does it the same way - which is to copy the menu bar screen area (or rather, an estimated location for it) into a buffer and restore it.

So either we should save/restore the whole screen (fool proof probably, but butt ugly), or switch/install a menu bar momentarily before exit.

> Some time I proposed about an ability for an application to 'shrink' AES screen. That could be usefull for taskbar like apps.

And that's a good idea too :) How it should work in practice, I do not know. And in this particular context - how will fullscreen apps restore it?

-- PeP