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Re: [MiNT] hairlines

 Le 04/11/2011 18:28, Jean-François Lemaire a écrit :
On Friday 04 Nov 2011 09:36:40 Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
On Fri, 04 Nov 2011 09:28:41 +0100, J. F. Lemaire<jflemaire@skynet.be>

How do you define selectable?
No "recessed" look or cross mark or anything. The selection does seem
to be taken into account, though. It's only visual.
Again, this is a style offered by Windom.
All right, then. Please explain to me why this dialog box is drawn as the
attached screenshot shows on the same system but with MyAES?

Just my point of view, I dont know if it's true:
I suppose this is userdef redraw objects and I think in this case the handle used to redraw is probably handle return by graf_handle(), if it is used by AES probably config is not restore in previous state by the AES, that can explain why redraw could be wrong.