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Re: [MiNT] AHCC V4.11


On torstai 31 toukokuu 2012, Henk Robbers wrote:
> Changing to uppercase cause problems with Magic
> or MiNT and non TOS FS's.

It doesn't.  One just needs to save project files
with upper case PRJ extension.  Or have replacement
file selector that ignores case.

Whereas with none of TOS versions there's any way
to get it working at all.

(Except by installing a replacement file selector
everywhere where one uses AHCC.)

> The TOS fileselector is severely inadequate.
> AHCC probably uses fsel_exinput.
> You are the first complaining about this.

I think I've complained about it, but it wasn't publicly.

> I think everybody nowadays use external selectors.
> (Or those of N_AES or XaAES)

	- Eero