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Re: [MiNT] Official m68k-atari-mint target for the binutils and GCC.

W dniu 04.05.2012 23:33, Vincent Rivière pisze:

I'm glad to announce that Guido Flohr and myself got the FSF agreements
to contribute to the official binutils and GCC sources. So I will try to
get the MiNT patches committed into the official sources. This will ease
the maintenance of the patches, especially for systems using modified
sources (Gentoo, Debian...).

First I will work on the binutils mailing list to see if the MiNT patch
is acceptable. Then I will try to get it committed, fully or partially.
When the work is finished on the binutils, I will do the same for GCC.
This will take some time.

I will report the progress here.

Great news :)