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Re: [MiNT] FreeMiNT 1.18.0 and monitor detection

Le 07/04/13 00:36, Jo Even Skarstein a écrit :
On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 00:24 +0200, Pierre Ton-That wrote:
So it's coming from monitor detection in MiNT? I can set 1366*768 (and
There is no monitor detection in MiNT. It doesn't know anything about
this, this is a VDI/XBIOS feature and is provided by FireTOS.

From what I see: there is.
If not, all seems there is one yet.

I tested with the same FireTOS: works with the old MiNT, can't set/test screenmodes with new MiNT. And it depends on the monitor.

Do you have a spare CF-card? If so, unpack the standard FreeMiNT setup
for the Firebee from here: http://atari.nvg.org/firebee-mint/

Verify that you can select and test the expected video modes, and that
they still work after saving and rebooting.

Then upgrade to 1.18.0:

Repeat the tests.

It's not from my personnal mint setup. My setup comes from the FireBee official release and I not mint hardcore user enough to customize it (some changes for XaAES look'n'feel). I have placed the new files carefuly and verified again and again.

So repeating the tests is useless. I'll done it in two or three weeks. I'm really tired with more and more tests. From what I see, it's not in my cnf files.

Best regards,