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Re: [MiNT] FreeMiNT 1.18.0 and monitor detection

On Sun, 2013-04-07 at 01:02 +0200, Pierre Ton-That wrote:

> > There is no monitor detection in MiNT. It doesn't know anything about
> > this, this is a VDI/XBIOS feature and is provided by FireTOS.
>  From what I see: there is.

But there isn't. EOD :) This is a FireTOS XBIOS feature.

> It's not from my personnal mint setup. My setup comes from the FireBee 
> official release and I not mint hardcore user enough to customize it 
> (some changes for XaAES look'n'feel). I have placed the new files 
> carefuly and verified again and again.

But is this the clean FreeMiNT setup, or have you added stuff? Not
necessarily related to MiNT itself, but maybe some autofolder-stuff.

Jo Even