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Re: [MiNT] C++


On keskiviikko 16 lokakuu 2013, Jean-François Lemaire wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 October 2013 18:06:43 TXG/MNX wrote:
> > Possible, does that mean nobody uses this?
> I don't think many people have the patience to use GCC on a TT.

GCC 2.x is faster at compiling than GCC 4.x, and the code
it produces is faster than code produced by VBCC or AHCC.

However, except for -Os, I think GCC 4.x compiled code is "always"
faster than code compiled with GCC 2.x at same optimization level.
(GCC 4.x optimizes -Os more for size than speed than GCC 2.x)

C++ compilation is not really feasible on 4MB machine even with
GCC 2.x though.  You may need to split larger classes of even
fairly simple C++ code to smaller ones to get them compiled in
that little amount of RAM and GCC 2.x of course supports only
a really old version of C++ language.

As to GCC 4.x and modern C++ programs, I remember reading
from GCC bugzilla issues of 32-bit machines not having
enough memory to compile & link really large C++ programs
(web browsers and office suites).  I.e. for building modern
C++, you may in worst case need even several GBs of RAM,
at least several hundreds MBs of RAM.  I think some of the packages
are ignored in smaller Debian ports (like m68k) also for
this reason... 

	- Eero