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Re: [MiNT] C++

As to GCC 4.x and modern C++ programs, I remember reading
from GCC bugzilla issues of 32-bit machines not having
enough memory to compile & link really large C++ programs
(web browsers and office suites).  I.e. for building modern
C++, you may in worst case need even several GBs of RAM,
at least several hundreds MBs of RAM.  I think some of the packages
are ignored in smaller Debian ports (like m68k) also for
this reason...

GNU ld can take several gigabytes of memory to link big project. Compiling is usually not that memory hungry if you write your code in a reasonable way.

There is more advanced linker 'Gold' by Google, written especially with big C++ project in mind that is sid to require much less memory, while being way faster. It is usually installed in modern distros (as ld.gold) but not yet used by default. I don't know if it can work with a.out binaries.

IMO, m68k problems does not suffer from this problems, as such big projects are not suitable to run on m68k machines with a possible exception of Coldfire.

Semper Fidelis

Adam Klobukowski