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Re: [MiNT] [Mint-cvs] [FreeMiNT CVS] freemint/sys

On ti., 2015-02-17 at 22:39 +0000, Helmut Karlowski wrote:

> > What's the problem with hatari and FAT XFS ? Can we fix hatari ?
> That would be even better. I don't know anymore, I think it has something  
> to do with XHDI.

The problem is that Hatari's emulated GEMDOS drives hooks into TOS. So
when MiNT does not use TOS FS, it can't access these "drives" (native

It's the same problem as with ARAnyM. But in ARAnyM it has been solved
with proper filesystem drivers (xfs and MetaDOS drivers). IMO it should
be solved like this in Hatari too. I think it's wrong to keep the
obsolete TOSFS in MiNT just to keep an emulator happy.

Jo Even