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Re: [MiNT] Milan, latest MiNT and rtl8139

Hi Jo Even,

I'm using a 1-19 build from last year.
Interesting. With latest kernel from nightly build it crashes as soon as some network activity occurs. With version 1.18-16092015 from nightly build it works again. So thanks a lot for those hints!

However I see a strange behaviour:
I can't ping my Milan from any other PC and vice versa. However to the router itself everything works fine. So I can ssh into my router from a PC and from there connect to the Milan. Or I can connect from Milan to router.

Strange thing, but I guess that's more like a problem with my router then.

If you use XBoot you can set the time and date before MiNT starts.
I use a very minimal boot manager called TUBS, but I booted to TOS with Cops and there was a Clock CPX which let me set the time. :)

Ok, Milan works, I can somehow connect to it, now I am backing up all my old floppy disks before they rot. It is amazing that most of them are still readable even though they are now over 20 years old.

Thanks for all the help! This will make it possible to collect all sources I have, consolidate them and eventually help to make some GFABASIC related software publicly available! But one thing at a time :)

Cheers, Ingo =;->