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Re: [MiNT] USB support in 1-19-cur (EtherNat)

Hi Stefan

2015-09-10 17:49 GMT+02:00 Stefan Niestegge <beetle@abbuc.de>:
> Hi
> Recently i got my Ethernat up and running under 1-18-1 (based on a µMiNT
> that i updated to more recent kernel and XaAES).
> Now i wanted that for 1-19-cur, too.
> To start with a clean canvas, i deleted my old 1-19-cur folder and made
> it new with the files from trunk. Nice! The Ethernat finally connects me
> to internet now, even under most recent MiNT.
> Into the c:/mint/1-19-cur/usb folder i've put:
> loader.prg
> storage.udd
> usb060.km
> ethernat.ucd

this is OK, if alll the modules are from the same package.

> The USB loads the kernel module (run c:/mint/1-19-cur/usb/loader.prg
> line was added to mint.cnf) and i can access the content of a USB
> mass storage device that was connected at boot.
> If i connect it after boot, no "new USB device" message pops up like
> i was used to with MiNT 1-18-1.
> If i connect a USB Mouse i get that expected message, but the system is
> slowed down extremely. The USB mouse can move the mousecursor every 5s
> and the system is unable to react to doubleclicks. In case the mouse is
> connected at boot time, system is slowed down too, boot to desktop needs
> several minutes then.

In your usb folder above there is no mouse.udd, I guess you forgot to type it.

> Under 1-18-1 there is no mouse.udd, but the storage.udd works much
> better. I can plug and unplug USB storage and will always get the
> messages and access to the storage.
> Its possible i did setup something wrong way - i found no info about
> USB in the wiki.

Sorry I know, I'm always been too lazy to do it, always waiting for
somebody else to write it ;-)

> I guess USB is quite new and not thoroughly tested yet...
> Is the setup okay, should it have worked? Is the mouse driver even
> thought to be usable with EtherNat?

Regarding the MiNT's mouse driver and the EtherNat, I've never tested
it (I don't have the hardware to do it) and I don't know if somebody
has, I don't know either whether it should work.
In the other hand the USB mass storage driver should work with the
1-19-cur kernel. May be the mouse driver is interfering in some way,
could you use the usbdeb.km (rename it to usb060.km) to have more
information about the cause of the problem?

> Greetings, thanks for reading,
> Stefan "Beetle" Niestegge