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Re: SV: [MiNT] Bug report

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:36:03 +0100, Jo-Even.Skarstein wrote:

> 	The same happens to me, I just noticed this yesterday. The strange
> thing is that I have linked the actual CAB-directory to a folder simply
> named "CAB" on a NEWFATFS with VFAT, so I can switch between CAB-versions
> simply by changing the link. If I run CAB directly from the original folder
> (e.g. "CAB.27") the hotlist is loaded...
> 	I also have hotlist.html as default start-page, and the same thing
> happens there.

Correction: I confusd hotlist.htm (CAB's hotlist) with an old hotlist.html
in the original directory, the hotlist itself is actually 0 bytes long :-(
So it appears that CAB has killed my hotlist since I installed pl09...

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