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Re: SV: [MiNT] Bug report

> I just found out that if I copy hotlist.html into "u:\home\root\" cab=
> will find the hotlist.
> Why must I do this? With all the previous beta's this wasn't needed a=
> all. My hotlist.htm is normally located in Cab's modules folder.

You must know I'm using two different setups on my Hades. One for my 
Internet connection (KGMD) and another basically the same but without 
With "init.prg" I use cd u:\ in mint.cnf.
Without "init.prg" I use cd c:\ in mint.cnf
Why I'm doing this? Beat me I don't know:-((

Now with cd c:\ I found that for some reason Cab 2.70 is looking for hotlist.ht=
Now my Cab dir is located on a normal TOS partition (8+3) and thus Cab=20
will not load the hotlist as it is named hotlist.htm.
Why wasn't Cab doing this with the previous kernels?=20