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Re: SV: [MiNT] Bug report

> > 	The same happens to me, I just noticed this yesterday. The strange
> > thing is that I have linked the actual CAB-directory to a folder simply
> > named "CAB" on a NEWFATFS with VFAT, so I can switch between CAB-versions
> > simply by changing the link. If I run CAB directly from the original folder
> > (e.g. "CAB.27") the hotlist is loaded...
> > 
> > 	I also have hotlist.html as default start-page, and the same thing
> > happens there.
> Correction: I confusd hotlist.htm (CAB's hotlist) with an old hotlist.html
> in the original directory, the hotlist itself is actually 0 bytes long :-(

Did you install the minix fs 0.8? Because it has something screwed up
related to file length (fxattr() probably). Nocrews mp2 player here
counts negative playing time when 08 is installed (and this time is
calculated from file's length).

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