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[MiNT] Good bye :-(

Hi everybody!

Thanks to everybody that tried to solve my harddisk problem.  Yet,
it was in vain.  I've tried it it for more than a week now,  I tested
four (!) different disks and all of them show one error or the other.
I suspect the controller to be broken which means that my TT is
practically dead now.  Large parts of the data I write are immediately
forgotten afterwards.

I'm really fed up with screwdrivers, I can't afford a Milan, so what
should I do?  I'm really sorry, but I think that I have to leave
the MiNT community.  I hope that I don't disappoint anybody too much.

This means that the MiNTLib is currently orphaned.  Anybody got the
guts to take over the maintainance?

Good bye and all the best!