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Re: [MiNT] some gem question

olivier.landemarre@utbm.fr píše v Ne 16. 10. 2005 v 19:23 +0200:
> > > for a long time, but I have only an STF and Aranym.
> >
> > What's wrong with ARAnyM? It has full PMMU support so you have no
> > excuse.
> Nothing, that now I'm under Linux, and I don't know how have two config in same
> time

aranym -c different_config_file ???

> I wait for official realease

version 0.9.0 (released half year ago) also features PMMU.

If you have more problems then send them to aranym-user - I just wanted
to show here that ARAnyM is not the reason to not develop with MMU in