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Re: [MiNT] GLib

On Monday 19 November 2007, Mark Duckworth wrote:


>  Didier
> seems gone, hasn't updated Coldfire package in almost 2 years which
> is unheard of for him.

Actually, the latest update if from January. And in a post on FCSA in 
August, he said he was working on a AC97 codec driver for the ColdFire 
board. Don't forget that Didier and Rodolphe are French, and 
communicate first in French, and only later in English if it's really 
important. There was a long thread on the French newsgroup in August 
were Didier explained in details what he is currently doing with the 
ColdFire board and what is possible with it.

Hope this clarifies the situation a bit.

Jean-François Lemaire