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Re: [MiNT] GLib

Peter Slegg wrote:
On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:19:12 -0500 (EST), Keith Scroggins <kws@radix.net> wrote:
On Sun, 18 Nov 2007, Peter Slegg wrote:

I will look into it. I have just built glib-2.14.3 with the --disable-threads
option but I am not sure what else I can do with it now.
If I remember correctly, you can do 'make check' or 'make test' with glib
to make sure it is built properly, and possibly troubleshoot any issues,
but it has been a while since I messed with it.  It seems to me there are
1 or 2 tests that fail.

I might give RPM a peek though, my 'guess' would be the problem with RPM
is the configure script, either the order of linking or looking for a non
existant library.  I only say that because I seem to run into the problem
more and more.  Working on ScummVM at the moment (have an idea with some
of it) so I might not get to RPM.  I do believe Mark Duckworth was working
on it some time ago, unsure of his progress though. It seemed to me he dev sp
needed a DB backend for something....

Hi Keith,

When I suggested the "package blitz" yesterday it set me thinking.
Was it Mark that was working on the dev-sparemint website ? I think
the aim was to build the packages automatically but he ran into
naming issues with the source and targets.

It would be good to have something like this even if it isn't quite
so powerful.

As for my work so far, glib-2.14.3 and zlib-1.2.3 build easliy
enough. With the innevtable tangle of dependancies I suppose the
best approach might be to start with libs and dev-libs.

It would be worth knowing if it might be better to delay until the
next big Mint release, if there are any significant changes in the



I could probably build a recent version of RPM now that neon works. There's some encryption library that needs built too. beecrypt I think. We're fairly limited by our lack of mmap but at the same time we can replace all those calls with malloc() calls suitably (since half of us have a ton of ram anyway)

I was working on the dev-sparemint website but I have nowhere to host it now. The server that I have exposed to the internet is slow and limited in disk space. My home connection though brutally fast where the dev sparemint server is is on a dynamic IP so fairly useless. I have so far been unable to pitch the extra $50 to the lady for the static IP on my FTTH connection (verizon FIOS).

I've been very busy with work but I'm getting a bit fed up with my falcon being tied down building debian 68K packages and thinking about pulling it back from them.

My guess is supervidel isn't happening. CTPCI seems dead. Didier seems gone, hasn't updated Coldfire package in almost 2 years which is unheard of for him. Community is dead and we need something to revive it. I know I've just been busy with work, and have been coding in a nice OO language like C# and don't even want to go near the pain that is programming for GEM.

The issues I ran into with the automatic builds which were working was mostly to do with Aranym not working properly. I could get started on that again, but again I really need a server with a fat pipe and a ton of disk space for that. At least 20 gigs I'd say and at least 1mbit upstream. All that code is still around and it was nearly a finished product. I got it finished and I really didn't feel like anyone was interested in using it, especially people that could make it happen like Frank Naumann or Draco or something like that. Maybe they weren't convinced it was release quality at all.