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Re: [MiNT] MiNT 1.17 warning during starts comp

> Maybe this is a banality question but how can check is there  installed
> (minix.xfs)

Normally if you see minix.xfs in your system folder (c:\mint for example), then 
it is loaded and running.
Just rename minix.xfs to minix.xf and reboot... see if the error occurs. 
Renaming it will not load it on startup.
If some of your drives CANNOT be accessed, then you may have some Minix 
partitions. So you need to enable them again.

I was using Minix previously on my 520STFM setup. 
I was playing with my old Syquest and so loaded up the Minix.xfs on my Falc.
It seems that there are some incompatibilities between the older minix.xfs and 
newer version.
Needless to say, i was not able to access the old partitions... but I am not 
sure as those partitions was made like over 15 years ago & that was the age of 
the media.
I think the media is OK, as just repartition it and use it for something else. 
There was no issues with it (surface checked fine as well) so most likely was 
incompatibility of the Minix version.

May be I should write something about Minix on my Mint how-to webpages.... :-)