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Re: [MiNT] release ?

Am 22.11.2010, 02:22 Uhr, schrieb WongCK <wongck68@yahoo.com>:

I noted that if I run my cursor_home program anytime, so long as it is run once, doing a CTRL-ALT-DEL will reboot and restart the machine without any crash. So
it that it does not need to be in any screen mode to fix it.

It's not the screenmode but it's sure the code where the home is issued is reached when it's in the bootlog.

May be this issue has always been there even on v1.16, except it does a silent

Possible. The verbose shutdown was added on special request because people have trouble with the shutdown :-)

But I see it works for you now, that's fine!

Helmut Karlowski