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Re: [MiNT] release ?

> So is the text reaching the bottom at shutdown? If no, the  reason for the 
>crash must be something else.

The shutdown messages for non-crash reboot via the XaAES start right after a 
clear screen and displays from home position. It goes to 3/4 of the screen and 
restarts the machine.

For a crash reboot scenario, typical of a CTRL-ALT-DEL key presses, the shutdown 
messages starts WITHOUT a clear screen, writes over the desktop windows/icon and 
the display starts somewhere after 1/2 to 3/4 of the screen AND at midway of the 
columns i.e. the writing of messages is at the lower right quadrant of the 
screen. It continues till the end and stops.

I noted that if I run my cursor_home program anytime, so long as it is run once, 
doing a CTRL-ALT-DEL will reboot and restart the machine without any crash. So 
it that it does not need to be in any screen mode to fix it.

May be this issue has always been there even on v1.16, except it does a silent