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Re: [MiNT] Sparemint and FHS

On Thu, 09 Sep 1999 09:28:25 +0200, Maurits van de Kamp wrote:

MvdK ->Erm.. but Windoze does follow the one-app-one-dir approach, contrary to
MvdK ->every Unix! :) Ok they messed it up bigtime with DLLs, but still..:)

  Hmm, I have a cheap DOS box at home that I run games on for my 8-year old
  and its like that. I have a c:\games\whatevergame thats very neat and tidy.
  Now...we use P233's at work running NT, and geez, drop to DOS, do a "dir/w"
  and you are blown away with files everywhere, and I'm not good enough to
  tell you what/where/when/how/why. Its ugly, trust me! ;-)

MvdK ->Anyway if you prefer one-app-one-dir, you're not going to enjoy Unix
MvdK ->very much.. of course for apps with lots of files that just won't fit
MvdK ->nicely in the bin/doc/lib/src structure, you can use /opt and
MvdK ->everybody's happy. :)

  I actually enjoy MiNT, so I'm assuming I'd like Unix/Linux. It still makes
  sense to me though. Whenever I get a new archive, I pop it into /usr/local/
  src, and I run the binaries from /usr/local/bin. Most apps use the $HOME
  variable and pop their config files in /home/root...well, I could go on
  here, but you're better at this than I am, and I know you understand what
  I'm saying. <big grin>

  (Is there a man page for "opt"? I'm not familiar with that command. Will
   have to look it up.)

MvdK ->Maurits.
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MvdK ->iMac - Whinegums without the taste

  Hehehehehe, recently had a chance to see some iMacs at a CompUSA store.
  They really do look like fish-tanks! ;-)

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