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Re: [MiNT] XaAES & CT2b centscreen videomodes

On St, 2002-10-23 at 17:05, Henk Robbers wrote:

> > > Bit nr.15 (the "8" in my example) is said to be responsible for that
> > > extended video mode.
> > 
> > I think it was the other way round. I.e. by default the screen enhancer
> > opens the extended videomode but with the 15th bit set it opens the
> > standard videomode.
> That part of the XaAES doc is not by me. I have no falcon.
> If it is wrong, I would be pleased if someone will send
> a correction.

I think I am right. It simply makes more sense the way I wrote it. Feel
free to correct it in the doc. 

Perhaps you could also add a note that not all screen enhancers follow
this simple rule. Or better list those that do follow it. I can speak
for BlowUP030 only. That one does, IIRC.