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Re: [MiNT] nlogin sources


> > > I like nlogin sparemint package, but it still lacks some essential
> > > features. So I decide to modify it myself but I don't know where can I
> > > get nlogin sources?
> > 
> > What you exactly miss there? I have some idea too.
> > 
> Well, mostly its cursor, when using NVDI, cursor is missing in console. So I
> decide to add VDI mode.
> It may looks better.

yes, you are right. There are troubles with cursor.

But I would like to add some AES selector (something similar to X login 
system) where you can choose which AES will start after login. 

BTW I have tried nlogin together with N.AES and XaAES. There is something 
wrong with XaAES. When I close the XaAES session. It is not possible to start 
it again with another user. 

> And finally shutdown/reboot is not working in my setup.

it doesn't work for me too.