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Re: [MiNT] nlogin sources

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003 21:03:46 +0200, Jan Krupka wrote:

Hi all!

> But I would like to add some AES selector (something similar to X login
> system) where you can choose which AES will start after login.

For now, I use a dialog script (attached).

> BTW I have tried nlogin together with N.AES and XaAES. There is something
> wrong with XaAES. When I close the XaAES session. It is not possible to start
> it again with another user.

It is not possible even with the same user. If XaAES quits incorrectly, no AES
is able to run till reboot. This is a bug of XaAES.

But there is more important problem with all AESes. Some applications
(Talking Clock, qed, ...) crashes when AES launched as suid root. Others
(TosWin2) crashes when a key is pressed. This happens under XaAES as weel
as under N.AES.


Bohdan Milar

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