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Re: [MiNT] 030-version of gcc


> Well, I think that our philosophy are rather opposed. Keep in mind that
> I am speaking of ATARI hardware to run those applications. Did you
> forgot it ? If freeMiNT is designed to be the free kernel of ARAnyM,
> why not ? I personally have an unmodified Falcon 030 (1993), and Hades
> 060 (1996) that are not powerful enough to run "Unix" applications.

Your own arguments conflict:

> Second hand, the applications that I'm interested in are quite complex.
> You spoke about 1% or 2% speedup. With Persistence Of Vision or OpenGL
> it could be quite satisfactory. For the latest OpenGL library that I
> maintain (TinyGL 0.45 that will soon be delivered) it is much more !
> The gain is around 5% of execution speed. Do we matter if the
> compilation time is worse ? And OpenGL is real time ... Think about
> execution time of POV, that I also maintain, that is much much more
> complex. 5% represent quite a lot of spared time.

POV and the OpenGL libs are in the first time Unix applications that you
compile on the ATARI with much help of FreeMiNT/MiNTLib/gcc and lot of
the Sparemint tools that provide an Unix environment.

And especially POV require CPU power at all, It's a very specific
application and I'm sure that most ATARI user don't use POV on their
ATARI as main application.

> That's not true. You have already decided that GCC 3.x is bad, and
> you have condemned it without trying it.

That's wrong and wrong.

First, I never decided or said that gcc 3.x is bad. I just said that for
[my ATARI requirements] gcc 3.x is not so much better than gcc 2.95.3 that
the higher compile time and memory consumption are overcompensated by the

Secondly, as already mentioned before, I compiled several versions of the
gcc 3.x nativly for FreeMiNT and as cross compiler. I also used and still
use the gcc 3.x compiler under NetBSD, Linux and Windows [cygwin/mingw].

> nights and days 24h/24h ... Give it a try, please !

Maybe you explain what do you understand under 'Give it a try'. I'm sure I
spent much more time on compiling and testing the gcc 3.x as you are
willing to accept here.

> Please speak about what you really know. Change your opinion about GCC
> 3.x. Give it a try !

I don't know why you obsessively repeat this.


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