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Re: [MiNT] appl_getinfo(APGI_VERSION(=96)) implementation


- appl_getinfo() which may return 4 short data in intout[].

What i suggest is to add the following general purpose function (which may
be used for futur AES appl_getinfo mode) :

- appl_getinfo_str() which may return 4 strings (address set in addrin[])

With the all-in-one function, we have to create a particular function
(which probably only fit for the particular API_VERSION mode).

Isn't the whole point of appl_getinfo() to _avoid_ applications rely on
version numbers and version strings, and rely on supported features

yes, but appl_getinfo seems to be the best place to return information about the AES if an application need it (for example to write that string in a debug file generated by the application).

best regards,