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Re: [MiNT] SV: SV: OT Highwire

Quoting Petr Stehlik <pstehlik@sophics.cz>:

Jo Even Skarstein píse v Ct 13. 11. 2008 v 09:05 +0100:
> as soon as you port the FLTK you can just compile the Dillo, no need
> porting it, I believe.

Yes, but then you'll have a FLTK application running under the VDI,
not a GEM application. It will have it's own widgets and it's own
look. IMO that's not much different from running it under X.

It sure is a difference. First, almost nobody is really able to get the
X running decently (AFAIK) while this would work under GEM without
further configuration, and second, you can always gradually improve the
FLTK port to mimics the AES as closely as possible.

I have X running fine on the Milan although I really only use it for
JPilot to sync with my Treo 680

On my original set-up X required a lot of setting up but I think I just
installed this version of X from EasyMint.

I remember trying an X based browser in about 2000, it was probably dillo.
It didn't work very well but maybe it has changed.

Highwire is excellent, the only real drawback is the lack of Javascript.
CSS is not perfect but far exceeds CAB and Links.

Has anyone here looked at the source for HW ? I am not a C expert by any
standard, it's far from my favourite language, but I expect you chaps will
easily be able to follow the code very easily.