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Re: [MiNT] C++

On 18/10/2013 02:28, Ole wrote:
Enigma (it is C++ and based on libxerces, which is also C++).
(The resulting executable was 60 MB in size =) )

Executables seem to be smaller on Linux, because they use shared libraries. When compiling programs statically on Linux, they are very big, too. The biggest problem is the size of the standard C++ library, including all the dependencies.

Also, our old a.out object file format is not very well suited for C++. That can result in duplicated code in executables.

Also, do not forget to strip the executables to remove the debug symbols, a lot of them can be generated in C++ programs.

However, except the problem of huge dependencies in libraries, gcc produces good and small C++ code. My little intro using C++ (but not the standard library) is small and efficient.

Vincent Rivière